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How To Generate New Childcare Enquiries With Parents Who Have No Problem Affording Your Childcare Fees

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Kyle Main,
March 5th, 2023
Why are some Childcare Centre Owners still struggling, whilst others are having trouble keeping up with the influx of new children being signed up to their centres each month?

Most are STUCK…unwilling to adapt to the modern (proven) way of growing a childcare centre…

Stubbornly leaving behind what could’ve been their one chance at prosperity.

Do they ENJOY putting in 50+ hour weeks, 5 days a week, working IN the centre, away from their own family & friends?

Do they LOVE paying rent that’s equal to a mansion, to only have a centre that’s at 60% capacity?  

Do they like spending thousands of dollars on new websites, flyers and mail drops, praying the phone will ring, only to get little to no return?

Our guess is a resounding NO.

Enough is enough...

There are far too many childcare businesses struggling right now. 

With some owners not even taking a salary or just barely getting by. 

Sure, you didn’t get into the childcare industry for the money, BUT you should be able to at least take a decent wage from your business.

After all, you provide a great service and have a huge responsibility.

So how do you fill your centre and produce new enquiries every single month?

🚀 Even during the mid months of the year…

🚀 Even if you don’t have a large marketing budget...

🚀 Even if you have heaps of competing centres in your area...

The most common issue we come across is…

Most childcare centres are great at the operations and delivery but struggle with sales and marketing.

Because they either: 

Don’t have a background in marketing.


Marketing is evolving too quickly and they are stuck using outdated methods in modern times.

Well, we created an advertising system for Childcare Business Owners that…

✅ Generates new leads, enquiries and enrolments every single month

✅ Guarantees 15-30 new childcare enquiries in 30 days or less (or your money back)

✅ Guarantees 2 new childcare enrolments in 30 days or less (or your money back)

✅ Has no monthly lock-in contracts and offers a 100% money-back guarantee if we do not deliver results

Child Care Owners, if you’re tired of not being able to produce the desired amount of childcare leads, enquiries and enrolments you want every single month.

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The Results 

Book In Your Childcare Growth Call To Learn:

✅ How to fill your calendar with new enquiries, centre tours and enrolments each month with parents who need childcare now.

✅ How our entire "Enquiries-On-Demand" system works with real life examples of our highest converting ads and landing pages. 

If you don't feel like you received any value from the call, we'll give you $100 for "wasting your time"...

THAT'S how confident we are that you'll be blown away by this service.
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